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Carlin Cares

Carlin Cares Helps the Homeless

Carlin Financial fills gallon-sized bags full of goodies for the homeless, and we make these bags available to clients who want to help the homeless but have qualms about handing them cash. These bags are full of snacks and small items that a homeless person might find useful. A new batch of bags is now available to pick up and stash in your back seat so it’s handy when you pass one of these unfortunates. 

We are always accepting donated items for the next batch of bags. Good sources for items include the free samples provided by hotels, dental care kits your dentist gives you, and travel-sized BOGO items.

We accept: 

  • Hygiene items — shampoo, soap, toothpaste, lotion, sunscreen, etc.
  • Grooming items — toothbrushes, combs, washcloths, etc.
  • Non-perishable snacks — granola bars, nuts, hard candies, chips, crackers, etc.
  • Small drink bottles — water, Gatorade, etc.

We all have so very much.  Let’s put a little food in someone’s belly and a smile on their newly scrubbed face!


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We’re committed to lending a hand to those less fortunate. Maybe you’d care to help us.